Who Doesn’t Love Italian Food?

I haven't been doing my meal prep on the weekends.  I am able to spend more time at home so I can cook during the week.  I made Mushroom Risotto last week, but since I have already posted it, I didn't do it again. Tonight I made mini calzones for dinner.  They were super simple... Continue Reading →


I didn't get my cooking done this last weekend,  But I promised a friend of mine that I would make this Mexican Rice Casserole tonight, and am I glad that I did!  I am not a fan of super spicy food, and this layered casserole hit the spot.  The portion size is large and it... Continue Reading →

Lunch First, Dessert Later

I have been absent the last couple of weeks.  Due to a family emergency, I was suffering from a lack of sleep last weekend.  All is well now, and I have regained my motivation to cook again.  The items I have on my list for this week can't really be cooked ahead; well I guess... Continue Reading →

Mushrooms, Mushrooms Everywhere

Sorry this post is late.  I was so busy yesterday that I didn't have time to make a post.  I put up these sun catchers...aren't they beautiful? This week's menu was very mushroom heavy.  Can you tell I like mushrooms?  I started with a Veggie Lasagna Stuffed Mushroom.  Then I moved on to Mushroom Risotto. ... Continue Reading →

Here We Go Again…

So I am back in my cooking mood today.  I started by making Macaroni and Cheese with Broccoli.  While those dishes were washing, I made Chocolate Dipped Coconut Macaroons.  Then I put a Chocolate Cake made with Butternut Squash in the oven.  I ended the day by making Tri-Color Fettuccine.  So good. Somewhere in the... Continue Reading →

My Busy Life

For those that follow me and look forward to my recipes each week, I am sorry! I didn't have time to make my food this weekend and I am just as bummed as you are. I do better when I meal prep. I hope to do my cooking on Monday and my baking on Tuesday.... Continue Reading →

Oldies But Goodies…

This week I made meals that I have made in the past.  I needed something easy to get revved back up to cooking again after taking a couple of weeks off.  I have been struggling trying to find my motivation.  I think I may have been a little ambitious trying to make three entrees after... Continue Reading →

Planning, Planning, Planning

I need to make sure I get my cooking done this weekend.  I haven't eaten great this week because of the lack of prepared foods.  I have made my plans for this weekend; it will be an easy weekend.  I have made all of these items before and they are fairly simple. I will go... Continue Reading →

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